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What is this site?

My name is Luke Walker. You can find out more about me on my website. Feel free to contact me if you like this and want to offer me a job!

Hi! I built this app as part of Free Code Camp's back end certification process. To learn more about Free Code Camp or this project in particular, visit their website. The app is basaed on this site.

User Stories

These are the requirements I was given for building this site:

  1. As an unauthenticated user, I can view all bars in my area.
  2. As an authenticated user, I can add myself to a bar to indicate I am going there tonight.
  3. As an authenticated user, I can remove myself from a bar if I no longer want to go there.
  4. As an unauthenticated user, when I login I should not have to search again.

So basically, what it does is allow you to search for bars near you (using Yelp's database), and then indicate whether or not you want to go to one or more of those bars tonight. The numbers listed beside any given bar are limited to RSVPs in the last 24 hours. Right now, you can't see who has RSVPed, just that someone has. You'll see a list of your current RSVPs for tonight at the top of the search page, and you can cancel them by clicking the X there, or by unchecking the RSVP for a bar in the search results.

Because you only see RSVPs for the current day in search results, I added a little profile page that lists your historical rsvps (more than 24 hours old), so that you can review where you've said you wanted to go, and delete them if you care too. Only you can see your own profile.

Limited utility, right? If you've got thoughts on how I could make this app do something useful, hit me up at luke dot walker at gmail dot com, or on Twitter. This is the first FCC project that I've really felt could use a re-think.

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